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Fire Protection for General Contractors

Our team provides comprehensive project management support, overseeing the installation and testing of fire suppression, detection, and alarm systems.

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Waxler Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Safety for General Contractors

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering offers valuable support to general contractors seeking to ensure the safety and compliance of their construction projects. Our team collaborates closely with general contractors to integrate effective fire protection systems seamlessly into building designs. We understand the importance of adhering to fire safety regulations and standards while meeting project deadlines and budgetary constraints. From conducting fire risk assessments to designing and installing fire suppression and detection systems, we provide comprehensive fire protection solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, general contractors can trust Waxler Fire Protection Engineering to enhance the safety and resilience of their projects while ensuring compliance with fire safety requirements.

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What We Do

Take Control of Your Fire Safety With Waxler Fire Protection Engineering


3rd Party Plan Review

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering conducts thorough third-party plan reviews for general contractors, ensuring that fire protection plans meet all regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Inspections & Testing

Our team performs comprehensive inspections and testing of fire protection systems on construction sites to verify compliance and ensure proper functionality.


Fire & Life Safety Consulting

We offer expert fire and life safety consulting services to general contractors, providing guidance on risk assessment, emergency planning, and safety protocols throughout the construction process.


QFPE Reviews/Inspections for Federal Projects

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering conducts Qualified Fire Protection Engineer (QFPE) reviews and inspections for federal projects, ensuring compliance with government fire protection standards.


Fire Site Plan Design

We specialize in designing fire site plans for construction projects, ensuring that fire protection measures are appropriately integrated into site layouts.


Water Supply Evaluations & Hydraulic Calculations

Our team conducts water supply evaluations and hydraulic calculations to ensure adequate water flow rates for fire protection systems on construction sites.


Occupancy Classification Letters (OCL)
Commodity Letters

We provide expertise in preparing occupancy classification letters and commodity letters for construction projects, accurately assessing fire risks, and ensuring compliance with regulations.


Fire Water Storage Tank Design

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering offers design services for fire water storage tanks to ensure sufficient water supply for fire protection systems on construction sites.


Fire & Building Code Consulting

We provide comprehensive fire and building code consulting services to help general contractors navigate complex regulatory requirements and ensure compliance throughout the construction process.


Code Modifications/Alternative Methods of Compliance

Our team assists general contractors in developing code modifications and alternative methods of compliance to address unique challenges and achieve fire safety objectives.


Smoke Control Design & Evaluation

We specialize in designing and evaluating smoke control systems for construction projects to enhance occupant safety during fire events.


Fire Modelling & Fire Testing

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering conducts fire modeling and fire testing to assess fire behavior and evaluate the performance of fire protection systems on construction sites.


Freeze Prevention Calculations

We provide freeze prevention calculations to ensure the reliability of fire protection systems in cold climates during construction.


Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Our team conducts fire hydrant flow testing to assess water flow rates and ensure adequate fire protection capabilities on construction sites.


Emergency Responder In-building Radio Coverage Design & Testing

Waxler Fire Protection Engineering specializes in designing and testing emergency responder in-building radio coverage systems to ensure reliable communication for first responders during emergencies on construction sites.

Prioritize Fire Safety on Your Projects

With our expertise in fire protection engineering and construction management, we help general contractors deliver projects that meet regulatory requirements and exceed client expectations for life safety and overall project quality.

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